Articles that I have written on other youth ministry websites:

Correcting with Grace

In youth ministry, we deal with all sorts of crazy behavior. How we handle it communicates just as much about Jesus…



Lead Yourself Well

Here is a hard truth that we must face: we can’t lead anyone further than we have gone ourselves. It’s hard because….



5 Ways to Ruin a Lesson

We’ve all seen messages that have knocked it out of the park and others that have fallen flat on their faces.


The Secret Sauce of Game Leading

Have you ever been leading a game and things suddenly…are just “right?” There is laughter, energy, and true play. Volunteers are building relationships…


What Do Our Youth Need Most?

My first three months of leading a youth ministry were nothing short of overwhelming. As I began to get to know “my kids,” I became amazed at the seriousness of their pain and the things they were struggling….


Grace First

In the last 16 years of youth ministry, I’ve asked hundreds of kids to write down an answer to the question, “If God came to you in person, what is the first thing He would say to you?”  When I open up the little slips of paper…


When Teens Are Out of Control

I know we are supposed to love the kids in our ministry and have happy, positive things to say about all of them. But what if they’re being a real pain? What do you do when…


What if Kids Don’t Think I’m Awesome?

Confession:  After 16 years of youth ministry, I still get nauseous when I walk into a school cafeteria, and not because of the mystery meat. Am I cool enough…